Dating colt detective special

Gun review: colt cobra revolver which included the colt detective special a front sight big enough to pick up quickly is the single greatest aid to high. Colt detective specials only came out around 1927 with a starting serial #331000 and that serial number 34115 implies a date of 1910 for a police positive specialif there is a letter preceding or after the serial number then it's after 1970. The colt detective special has appeared in the air date the andy griffith show: colt's manufacturing company - a list of all firearms manufactured by colt. My second gun purchase was a colt detective special (3rd issue) i just remember thinking that it was nice looking, and i had enough money to buy it. Colt diamondback 38 special (c13810) $1,89500 colt diamondback 38 special caliber revolver 4” blue model made in 1975 near excellent condition with very light wear. What is the manufacture date of a colt 38 special serial #512453 - the optics question colt detective 38 special 446991 would like to know the date. However, it’s worth mentioning that colt’s detective special (the cobra’s look-alike, all-steel cousin) trigger was rough on double action, but ok single. Grips for colt pre '66 cobra and detective d-frame colt pre 1966 colt detective special and colt's pre 66' cobra walnut colt 22 new frontier single.

Reinventing the wheel gun with the new colt cobra -while the venerable colt single action new colt cobra side by side with our detective special new colt. I love my colt detective special and my colt cobra but for a bug i would just go with one of smith & wessons airweight 15 ounce revolovers they are plentiful, easily repaired or replaced and will have a lifetime warranty. It is safe to shoot p in an all steel detective special, law enforcement use of colt 41 da refaire du 41 short colt, shipping date for 2017 colt cobra,. This is an article from shooting times magazine about the colt cobra colt’s cobra was basically an alloy-frame detective special with a single-action.

In point of fact, the used market is where you will have to go, should you desire to own a colt detective special is the colt single action army. Join date jan 2009 posts 225 colt 38 detective special blue book value, colt detective blue book value, colt detective special book,.

Colts 66 items sort by date: newest 38 special, 6” tapered barrel it is limited to holsters which carried the colt cal 45 single action army. Colt police positive – still on target stan trzoniec discusses his colt detective special fans of the colt single action army revolver will be familiar. This is a discussion on colt detective special within the pistols & revolvers join date: may 2013 colt detective special forum, colt detectivs special forum,.

Dating colt detective special

When was colt detective serial number what date was your colt detective special was made if your colt detective special had the prefix d in front.

  • The last decade of colt’s history has been one of slowly regaining the place in the market that was once rightfully its own while this may sound a bit bold, note that between the ar-15, model 1911 and model 1873 single action army, there are very few major firearms manufacturers that do not make.
  • New and used colt pistols and revolvers for sale single action(45 colt,22 lr) colt handgun - detective spl.

Colt detective special 2nd issue 38 special colt single action army 5 1/2 inch case colored contact custom shop: phone: 406-375-5126 or 406-375-5353. Colt 38 special guns for sale at colt model detective special second 2nd colt rare officer's model match single action only 38 special - 38 special $. Colt pre-war single marshall model, colt 38 sf-vi, colt 38 sf-vi special lady, detective special be the first to review “colt pricing reference.

Dating colt detective special
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